Whispers of The Carrion Crown

Duran Greybeard's History
by Joe

Duran Greybeard’s History

Duran was born into the powerful clan of Greybeard. His father immediately started preparing his son to follow in his footsteps as a great warrior and a member of the Esoteric Order of the Palantine Eye. Duran is Clean, and well groomed. He has a short beard for a dwarf but a well developed mustache. His clothing appears new or well cared for. He is on the Short , light side for a dwarf but is very well muscled. He does not have any tattoos but he does have 6 earrings, 3 in each ear. He also has his nose pierced with a small gold stud that looks like a small beetle.

Duran’s father Duma had been a very low ranking member of the Order. His skill being useful as a guard but not really being let into the inner workings of the Order. What his father did learn or thought he learned was that the order was trying to unlock the secrets to ancient powers that they could then use to destroy evil. This idea galvanized within Duma that he must get this secret for the Dwarves.

So he married the female that had the strongest bloodline that he could find to father the best children that could then be carefully trained to ferret out this secret for the Dwarves. His first son was not born with the divine touch of Torag or the super intelligence needed to be a wizard though he was smart and wise. His son was born a superlative fighter and blessed with an incredible physique.

Duran excelled in the clan run training academy, but his father knew this would not be enough to get Duran into the actual Order hierarchy. So he hired private tutors to teach his son linguistics and knowledge about magic and religion that was just not thought to be needed in the Dwarven academy.

As soon as his Duran reached his Name day he immediately married one of the females that his father had arranged for him to get to know while growing up. As one of the new traditions of the Clan, Duran quickly got his wife pregnant and spent a year with his new son bonding with him.

During this four year period Duran walked patrol in the local militia and worked on his languages and his skills in cryptography, and bluffing as he prepared himself to try and become a member of the Order.

Due to the nature of his upbringing Duran suffers from a lack of spontaneity. If he did not plan for it he has trouble adapting on the fly. When he was walking military patrols his superiors sometimes noted he was a very good officer but not a great one.

After Duran finished the year with his new wife and child, his father told Duran that he was going to be taken to a totally new land and have to learn to survive in the culture.The trip to Absalom was very hard. What Duma did was take his son there and dropped him off with nothing but his clothes on his back and two important quests. He must learn Halfling and Gnomish and pretend to be an outlaw for three years. Good luck and left.

Duran almost starved to death in the city that first month before he finally got a job as a teamster for some halfling smugglars. He worked on a persona to make himself more open and inviting to the group and finally learned their language. He also picked up the trick of keeping himself very clean and his beard a bit shorter than normal. It made him seem less staid to the more fun-loving halflings. He also befriended some gnome alchemist who he introduced to the halflings to help get their alchemical products into the city cheaper.

After this three year period he met with his father and went with him to Ustalav to start his real mission. Since his father was in good standing with the Order, they let his son take the entrance exam at no charge the first time. He failed. Duran was devastated, and his father was furious. Four months later with his father’s money Duran was accepted.

For the past year Duran had been working with a man named Mellon trying to find information about a group called the Whispering Way. Not sure why but it sure bothered Mellon. Anyway we heard one group had headed to the town of Ravengro and caused a problem at the old Prison.

By the time Duran and Mellon got there it had been taken care of by some local adventurers. Mellon though got to studying the glyph around the prison, and he wanted to talk to the adventurers about what they did, and Duran discovered the adventures had gone up to Lepidstadt. On the way there Mellon and Duran were attacked by a pack of ghouls and Mellon died. He gave Duran his notes and told him he needed to get to Lepidstadt, talk to the Order about talking to the adventurers.

Mellon was kind of strange, but an ok boss. Duran sent a letter along with Mellon’s notes to his superiors, but figured he would talk to the adventurers about what happened at the prison. While looking for the adventures he was contacted by the Order that it was imperative he join the adventurers.

Carrion Crown: The Road So Far
By Russell Chipman


ProfessorsDaughterPortrait.pngOur Adventure began when the players gathered in the small, isolated village of Ravengro to attend the funeral of their friend Professor Petros Lorrimor after his accidental death. In his last will, he requested two things of his friends. He asked that in exchange for a significant payment, they deliver some questionable books to Dr. Montagnie Crowl of Lepidstadt University, and to Judge Embreth Daramid in Lepidstadt. His second request was for them to first wait 30 days before leaving Ravengro, to help his daughter Kendra adjust to life without her father.

Vesorianna.pngIn those 30 days, they discovered that Ravengro was tormented by ghosts and other undead. Their investigation led them to the nearby ruins of Harrowstone Prison. Here it was discovered that Prof. Lorrimor’s death was not accidental. He witnessed the actions of the evil Cult of the Whispering Way and so they murdered him, making it look like a stone statue fell on him. They smashed his face so magic could not be used to speak with him after death.

GhostTrap.pngThe cult came to capture the spirit of the warden of the prison. After dying in the tragedy of the prison, his spirit has spent the last 50 years preventing the other tormented spirits from escaping Harrowstone, but once the Cult took him away, the undead power grew. The hero’s actions enabled the spirit of the warden’s wife to take over his duties, and she banished the spirits from this plane, ending the torment of Ravengro.


Kaleb_Hesse.pngThe heroes traveled to Lepidstadt to deliver the questionable books. On their way, they encountered a traveling cabinet of curiosities known as the Crooked Kin also on their way to Lepidstadt. One of their own was lost in the swamps. The heroes found her too late, but they were able to slay the phase spider that had murdered the helpless child. In their debt, the Crooked Kin swore to help the heroes in any way that they could.

The-Beast.pngThere was much excitement in Lepidstadt as the Beast, a uniquely sentient flesh golem, which had allegedly tormented the city for many years had been captured and was on trial. When the heroes arrived at the university to deliver the books they discovered that this was where the Beast of Lepidstadt was apprehended. It had stolen a statue known as the Seasage Effigy. Even though the Beast was captured, the statue was not found.

seasage_Effigy_Final.pngWhen the heroes met with Judge Daramid, she secretly hired them to investigate the crimes for which the Beast was accused. She wanted to ensure that he receive a fair trial, even though the city was already prepared to burn him alive. Although the statue was never found, they were able to prove the Beast innocent of the three crimes, and the Beast was released. Unfortunately, the city still wanted their “justice” so a mob left the city to try to find and kill the Beast.

The Heroes followed the Beast to Schloss Caromarc, the home of Count Alpon Caromarc, the former ruler of this county, who is not be confused Victor Frankenstein (wink, wink) . This home is a series of structures built on the rocks, connected bridges with a questionable lack of handrails, above the raging waterfalls. The highest structure topped with strange lightning rods. After exploring the place filled with monstrous abominations, the heroes discovered that the Cult of the Whispering Way had come here, captured Count Caromarc, and used a device called the Bondslave Thrall to control the Beast. They used him as a distraction so that they could steal the Seasage Effigy. Then they released all of the monsters in the Count’s collection, and set traps for anyone that might follow.

shudderwood-drawing.pngAfter a precarious fight between the Beast and another of frighteningly monstrous creation, the heroes secured the house, and saved the count, who the kind Beast calls father. The count relayed the events to them, and told them that he heard one of the cultists say that they were going to Ascanor. The Count believes they are talking about Ascanor Lodge, a hunting lodge for the elite nobles deep within the dreaded Shudderwood. He tells the heroes how to find a relatively safe path there.

scarab.pngJudge Daramid reveals that she is a member of the secretive Esoteric Order of the Palatine Eye, an organization that opposes the Whispering Way. She offers a reward of both money, and entrance into the Order, if they will investigate why the Whispering Way has collected a soul from Harrowstone Prison, and a seemingly unimportant statue from Lepidstadt, and why they heading to Ascanor Lodge.

The Heroes stocked up on supplies and left for Ascanor Lodge.

The Final Letter to Gregori From Kendra
By Russell Chipman

My Dearest Gregori, ProfessorsDaughterPortrait.png

It has been a few days since I received your last letter and I am concerned that perhaps in my last writing I was too forward with my remark of marriage, or perhaps I was not forward enough. In the days since my father’s death, nothing has brought as much joy into my life as my correspondence with you. You are a charming and kind man that is striving to make Golarion a better world, and my world is better for having you in it. But I grow weary of sitting around this tiny cottage in anticipation of your next letter. I think that my talents are wasted here, teaching the local children, when I could be out there fighting the darkness.

I pray that I am not too forward, but an adventurer’s life is often lead in unforetold directions, and I feel that if I wait for you to the have the time for a proper courtship, then we will both be too old to enjoy the benefits of marriage, and so I will be direct. I wish to be with you, by your side, no matter where it might lead. Together, our light could banish the deepest darkness. With you, I would not even fear the wicked might of Tar-Baphon himself, for he would see us and recoil in agony knowing that for all his power, he never knew true love, like I know in you.

I have packed my things, and Hueward has offered me his fastest horse. Just say the word, and will ride to you, or if I am wrong, and you do not share my feelings, just say this too, for even the harshest words would be better than to not hear your words at all.

All My Love,


A Prayer meditation with a swift kick in the pants
By Chris McGowan

A Prayer meditation with a swift kick in the pants

Knock…Knock….Knock…“This is your predawn wake up Cleric Tudorescu.”

“Thank you,” I called through the door. I had been awake for a couple hours already. I had not been sleeping well the past couple nights. In hopes of calming my mind I cast daylight on the wall on the east side of my room, and knelt into a proper prayer meditation pose. I am to pray at dawn but the closest I can get to a proper dawn in this woe begotten city is the daylight spell. Once in a comfortable position I let my mind drift into the mantra of my prayers, and let my spirt mingle with others of my faith.


I was not sure how long I had been meditating when I found myself in the weapons practice room of my home temple of Sarenrae. I walked around the room touching the practice dummies and weapons. I couldn’t help sighing as I did so. My spirt was tired… so very tired.

“What makes you sigh so?” Came a voice that should have startled me, but actually was one I hoped to hear. “Gail, my spirt is tired, and I have only begun my journey.” I turned to face a women with hair the color of fall leaves, and eyes the color of spring grass. She had the face of someone who fought hard but was finally at rest, but the concern for my welfare was evident. “I’ve not seen you so beaten down in a long time. You have always been one to pick yourself up and keep going, not matter the way and number of times. What has happened?"

Picking up one of the polished scimitars from the weapon racks I began a basic sword warm up routine. “In the past six days I have had to face horrors and do things I didn’t sign up for. I cannot help those who do not allow themselves to be helped.”

“How do you mean little one?” Gail asked as she pulled a bow staff to lean on.

I did controlled sword swings as I spoke, “I spent 3 days in court trying to save a life of an innocent who everyone believed was guilty simply because he was not “normal”.”

“I can understand why your heart would want you to save this man,” Gail agreed. “Many wanted to kill you because of your differences when you were young. “

“Not a Man, a Beast,” I swung the blade purposefully stopping just short of the neck of a practice dummy. “He was an intelligent flesh golem who had the mental capacity of a four or five year old. He wasn’t hurting anyone, and stayed out of people’s way.”

“I assume you were able to save him.” Gail pointed the staff at me, then went back to leaning on it.

“Our group was able to prove him innocent, but it wasn’t easy. I got very lucky in court, and my companions were able to come up with good evidence but how they did so …ARGH!” I sliced through one of the thickly rolled slicing practice mats cleanly.

“What happened?” Gail rocked back a bit not wanting to be too close to me when I was this frustrated.
“The idiots went off to confront the people who were framing the beast, ALONE!! While I was in court trying to save the beast’s life.” I sliced backhanded and sliced another mat in two.

Gail put her face in her hands and shook her head, “How bad was it?”

I spun to face her and sheathed the sword, “Let’s see, Tyrod and Gregori got arrested by the guard because they were covered in blood, and the SKIN of a well-known business owner was found in the compound,” I slowly walked toward her, “and top of that Delilah was killed by a flesh golum dog, and what do those stupid idiots do? They leave her body there for other’s to take care of. THEY LEFT HER THERE!” I picked up a tankard of water that had been sitting on a table and hurl it at the wall spraying ale and shards across the room.

Gail raised an eyebrow, and glared at me for my actions. “I take it there is more to it than that. What happened?”

“They lost her body, Gail! They didn’t care for their own friend’s dead body and left it to strangers to deal with. They didn’t do what decent people would have done, taken their friend to their god’s temple, or at least a temple of Phrasama. But no, they left her in the hands of guards to have her body stolen and taken who knows where. We tried to find her body so that it could be put to rest, but her body was not at the church if Desna for burial. Her body wasn’t even at the church of Pharasma. It was simply gone! Do you realize what that does to one’s soul, and those that care about them?”

Gail smacked me on the head with the staff, “Hello! Did you forget who you were talking to?”

I sheepishly rub my head, “Yes, well being killed and not being able to be cut down from where you were hanging, and being trapped in limbo is something you do have a little bit of experience with.”

She teasingly poked me in the ribs, “You could say that, now I know Delilah is alive because she is currently studying her spell book in her room at the inn as we speak but what happened to her?”

“Not sure. All we know is that she was found by the Crooked Kin, half naked, and not remembering anything since the complex. She appears to have a large piece of flesh that was sewn onto her to repair the damage the flesh golem hound did to her, but she is alive.”

“That can’t have been what has broken you so. You are stronger than that. Gail sat cross legged on the table top, the staff across her knees.

“I could overlook their stupidity because of the situation they were in at the time, and at least Delilah was back with, not pristine, but at least back among the living. However what we have faced since then has been frustrating.”

“Anything stand out as more frustrating than the others?“


“It gets really frustrating when I am asked to ‘call down the fire of my god’ and I have to tell them that is not who I am. I’m a healing cleric. My job is to make sure they don’t die, though that seems a harder job than I thought. Sarenrae has not granted me spells that can bring down holy fire… yet. I have seen written in holy texts spells that smite foes with holy fire damage, but they are performed by more powerful clerics than I.”

“Have you thought about using a spell that calls for the fire used to forge your weapon? It’s a lesser known spell but it could be effective.” Gail suggested.

“That is true but this group manages to run into the nastiest of creatures that hurt them so badly that they need their damage to their constitution, dexterity and strength restored. I must have one of those spells available at all times.” I walked around the table pulling my hair in frustration.

“It couldn’t be that bad.” Gail rolled her eyes.

“I used twelve charges off my wand, a scroll and my spell for ONE day.” I turned and shouted at Gail. “And to top that we needed another five to ten of those spells for the next day, but didn’t have them. Hence why we are so beat up right now.”

“Ok, maybe it is that bad.” Gail conceded.

“Sure I can cast a spell of fire but I won’t be able to save their lives.“ I let out a frustrated whine as I wiped my face in frustration. “I have a lot of good spells available to me to buff us in battle, but if I do that, we will die.”

“So buy wands, make scrolls, do something so you have the spells you need on hand when you need them. You are smart, I don’t need to tell you what you need to do.” Gail glared at me.

“If we want to have weapon, and armor to defeat the creatures we are facing we won’t have the gold to buy those things. And before you ask, yes I can make scrolls, up to 6 a day if I must but that is all I can do. I can’t help my group in anyway other than writing out spells. Heck I could even make up wands but it takes at least a whole day to make a simple one.” I flopped down onto the floor mats.

“Depending on how many days you are in town you could make a low level healing wand, and then bust out making scrolls for all of your utility spells. You have the parchment and ink.” Gail hopped off the table, and stood over me. “There you have a plan to take care of your spells concern. Now what else is bothering you? It isn’t just resources. What else is swirling through your head?”

I leaned back on the mat, “I’m a healer not a fighter. If I am the one who is stepping up and taking on the monster, something is seriously wrong, but I’m finding I’m having to do that more and more.” I covered my face with my hands. “I live a life of temperance and patience. Sarenrae called me to bring swift justice to those that bring cruelties into this world, which include the abominations we have recently faced, and will most likely face more in the future. I am not the most skilled in swordplay but I’m not bad at it. If a foe deserves to die, I will make their death swift. The problem is that my companions jump into it so deeply that even with my help they still seem to die.”

I sat up and began wiping away tears, “They walk into traps when they should know better. They take on foes that we know will kill them if they stray too far from healing. Gregori is lying dead in that final tower. His body unable to be retrieved before we left because Tyrod was near death, and though we were able to kill a basilisk on our own, there was no way that Deliah and I had any chance of killing that Gorillon Flesh golem. We had to retreat with our lives. We were so broken there was nothing else we could do.”

“You couldn’t do anything then, but what can you do now? “ She knelt and squeezed my shoulder.

Wiping my cheeks with the heel of my hand, “Stock up on utility scrolls so we have the spells when we need them. Have on hand wands of cure light, and lesser restoration because we will need them. Make sure we have on our persons the spell components for restoration spells, as we are now going against bigger and worse things soon enough. I need to step up more in combat, but to do so I need to have improved armor to stay alive.”

“Good. You have a plan in place, and is one you can put into action.” She gently shook my shoulder, and offered her hand to me.

I looked up at her, and finally smiled for the first time in many days. I accepted her hand and stood to face her. “If my friends are willing to die to end these abominations and undead, so much I. If I am going to die, it will be trying to save my friends.”

“That a girl.” Gail smiled as we clasped our hands together between our chests.


I came out of my prayer meditation with a gasp. I felt invigorated. My god was with me. My spirt was back. I quickly got dressed for the day. I then went to my companions’ rooms and banged on their doors. “Wake Up! We have much to do today. We need to get what we need and get back to that gods forsaken place. We cannot let Gregori die in vain. We have work to do!”

Leaving them to most likely curse my family linage and tell me what non-anatomically possible thing I can do with my wake up call, I headed down to the dining room to get a good breakfast before starting my preparations to head back to the tower. We have monsters to kill!

A Letter to Gregori From Kendra
By Joe Lantrip

Dear Gregori Boshi,

ProfessorsDaughter.png Thank you for your wonderful letters. I have not enjoyed anything so much since my father passed away. Your letters have opened the world to me again and I look forward to them every day with great anticipation.

After my father died I was wracked with the loss of a beloved parent, but also a guide into the goings on of the world that is denied me because of my sex. They call us the fairer sex but there is nothing fair about it and I so often wished I could just up and go see the world as my father did. Your letters have opened the window for me again and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

So how is the trial going? You left off in your last letter with the end of day one of the trial and it has been several days since your last letter and I await eagerly to hear what happened. You said"“the beast” was somewhat intelligent, which astounds me! Do you think he also possesses a soul? You had mentioned that you thought he might and as such if the evidence shows him innocent then he should be released! The people that feel they were wronged by this beast will just have to keep searching for the truth. Perhaps you will be able to find the real culprits and bring them to justice if it is not the beast.

It does not surprise me at all that Olivia was able to speak so well before these judges. She is a woman with a strong will, a good mind and iron determination. If I ever found myself in such a position as the beast I cannot think of another person I would rather call upon for help. She helped me so much in my grief. She has a way with words that just makes you want to believe! I predict she will have those judges eating from her hand in no time!

Life here is trying. Mrs. Greybeard my nosy neighbor has been trying to set me up with her “young nephew”. The man is in his fifties, ten stone over weight, has gout, and more warts on his face than Mrs Greybeard! He is the least attractive, most boring man I have ever met in my life. He has been a Glassblower journeyman for the past 20 years because he is so bad at it that he cannot earn his masterwork, and never ask him about his butterfly collection! It took all my concentration, will and digging my nails into my palms till they bled to keep my eyes open during his droning lecture! If I married him I am sure I would never suffer from insomnia!

Please write soon. I so miss this window into the wider world you are showing me.

Your Friend


Letter number 3 to Kendra Lorrimor by Joe Lantrip

Dear Miss Lorrimor,

You could look upon this letter as just a continuance of the last one. After I finished that letter we went out in the night to talk to a Hamlet Headman or Elder at a place called Morast. A simple little place filled with a simple folk that spend most of their time hunting and fishing. There we met the Headman of the hamlet , a rather taciturn fellow by the name of Elder Lazne. He told us his story of people disappearing from the hamlet and how the hamlet had set a trap for the Beast and then chased it into the swamps. They then saw the Beast attacked by a crocodile, bitten badly on the shoulder, and then the Beast disappeared into the water and muck. The people of this little community thought the beast was dead until he was captured again in Lepidstadt.

After we talked to this good man we came back into town and went to examine the beast and he had no scaring on his shoulder where the crocodile was said to have bitten him. We entered our evidence at the courthouse and the defense barrister was so taken with Miss Oliva’s skill and composure that he asked her to deliver our findings to the court herself and I must say she was quite persuasive in the way she presented everything. I think she scored several points with the judges with her concise delivery of the evidence.

We are now going to talk to three sisters who accused the monster of killing some children in another village a few miles north of Lepidstadt. I feel that no matter what we accomplish though the Beast is doomed. It weighs heavily on my soul. If the creature is innocent it deserves to live its life as best it can, but what of the people that see this as a way to close a door to their past that will not let them forget? We have nothing for them, we have no opportunity for them to close that door.

Are we helping one creature of God at the expense of dozens of others? Has this creature done no wrong? It has struggled to live for decades, has it committed crimes we are unaware of? If we prove this creature did not happen to commit these crimes are we releasing it back into the world to commit others that we did not know about? Will the populace even let us return it to the world? They are so worked up that even if we show it is an Astral Deva in disguise the people of Lepidstadt may still rip it to pieces.

Such dark thoughts may should not be put in a letter to a friend but I feel that if anyone could understand it would be you. I look forward to hearing your thoughts on these matters.

Sincerely yours,

Gregori Boshi

Justice for the Beast, by Jon-Paul
Journal of Delilah Morreo, Day 1

Our first day in Lepidstadt has been quite the eye opening experience, I can see the appeal of the nomad’s life. After returning in the books and completing the requests of Professor Lorrimor, the plan was to explore the city until we could meet with the judge and receive our inheritance. That was the plan, but as the old saying goes, “The best laid plans of kobolds and wizards often end in flames.” So too did our plans.

What was to be a simple delivery and check in, turned into our gathering of motley adventurers becoming the legal defense team for the infamous Beast. I must confess that I am in over my head with this venture. I am accustomed to dry and dusty tomes, occasionally submitting to risk to test theories or subdue the undead, but my training has only marginally prepared me for this outing. I found myself thinking in circles, fixating on the inconsequential, and seeking the wrong information. To top it off, taking on this case may put all of us at risk of the lynch mob as we are tasked with defending the boogeyman, the literal incarnation of people’s fears, as well as the most convenient scapegoat for the townsfolk’s deplorable behavior. Crops go bad, it’s the Beast. Inventory goes missing, it’s the Beast. Cheating on your spouse with the cattle, it’s the Beast.

Yet I am intrigued beyond measure at this so-called “Beast.” He is clearly a construct, a flesh golem, but he is unlike any I have ever encountered. He has, from what I can tell, free will. He has a mind, and though he may not know, or may not be able to communicate, who he really is, or how he came to be, I will get to the bottom of this mystery. My greatest fear is that he may be sentenced to death for crimes he did not commit. I am certain he is no innocent, but I do not believe he is guilty of those crimes of which he is accused. I also fear that the townsfolk may not be prepared for what they are about to do, and how they would react to anything but a guilty verdict.

I find myself filled with nostalgia for the days of a simple academic, but I know there is only so much I can learn from my dear books. I must also do field work if I am to prove my theories if I am to fulfill my purpose of returning the dead to the earth, and ensuring they stay interred.

The Second letter to Kendra Lorrimor by Joe Lantrip

Dear Miss Lorrimor,

What a delightful letter you sent. I read some of its contents to the others over breakfast and everyone got a chuckle over Master Zokar’s latest dish. The man has a true gift for humor. I am also interested in hearing how your teaching is going. I know it is kind of daunting starting a new chapter in ones life but I have faith you shall soon master it. Children do like to push boundaries but stay firm and I am sure those toads will soon turn into apples.

A whirlwind of events have happened within the last twenty-four hours and here I hardly know where to begin. We are staying in a very nice inn in the middle of Lepidstadt called the Forty Flagons; a sprawling affair that takes up three large building. I think it is the biggest inn I have ever stayed in and it certainly is one of the most expensive. The expense is because of the trial that is currently going on and the demand for all services is at a premium. The Beast of Lepidstadt is of course the trial and a very carnival like atmosphere is taking place in the town; because of this the prices of goods and services have all soared. Be this as it may, the inn is still very nice and the proprietor Lizbeth has been very accommodating of our needs.

The trial had already started the day we had arrived but they were offering a limited number of seats in the gallery the next day for people to watch the trial if they wished. I managed to acquire a seat and spent about five hours watching the proceedings. I must admit I am unsure exactly how I feel about it. On one hand it felt somewhat ghoulish to listen to the horrors that were attributed to the Beast, but at the same time I was fascinated by the sense of history of the moment, and the spectacle of the court. The list of crimes this Beast has committed is long and any one of the charges he is accused of, if found guilty, would be enough to execute him. I am sure many families will be glad for the closure this will bring.

While I was watching the trial the others went to go see doctor Crowl and close out your fathers last request. He was quite happy to take back the books and signed that he had received them. He was also extremely grateful that we returned his old book back to him. He said it had been stolen from him years before and given up all hope of ever seeing it again. An interesting side note to this was that it was in Doctor Crowl’s office/workshop that the Beast was finally captured. He had gone there to cause mischief and steal a carved effigy called the Seasage. No one knows why he stole the carving, nor do we know what he did with it since he was apprehended just seconds after he broke in.

After finishing their business with Doctor Crowl our friends went and had an appointment with Judge Embreth Daramid. If you remember she was the person we had to contact to finish the last request of your father. After we completed that solemn business our friends were discussing the day’s events and what they had discovered at Doctor Crowl’s workshop and Judge Daramid recommended we take that information to the court and enter it in as evidence into the case. She also learned that Miss Tudorescu was a barrister and suggested we might help the court by gathering evidence for the defense.

We agreed to help and have since talked to the Beast and now I am rushing to get this off to you before we go running out into the middle of the night to talk to some witnesses before court in the morning. Please keep me informed of everything going on in Ravengro and I will endeavor to do the same for you here.

With Warmest Regards,

Gregori Boshi

My first letter io Kendra Lorrimor- by Joe Lantrip

Dear Miss Lorrimor,

First off I wanted to thank you for the wonderful send off you and the rest of the people of Ravengro gave us when we left a few days ago. It was very much appreciated and the gifts that everyone gave us have already been put to good use. I know we met under difficult circumstances and the passing of your father was a very sad time. Even in that dark time though, I meet such wonderful, vibrant people; Zokar and his delightful family, Father Grimburrow and the devout acolytes who helped us so much, and of course yourself who welcomed us into your home and made us all feel so cared for. I feel so blessed to have met such good people and hope to be able to finish your father’s last request and perhaps visit you again soon.

I also wanted to thank you for extending an invitation to me that I may write you about our travels. It gives me a chance to converse with someone who may really appreciate some of the things we may see and will also be able to remind me of some of the good things we have in life. I look forward to reading some more of your wit and good sense that you displayed so well while we were visiting.

You know that we were going on the road to Lepidstadt and were going to camp outside the first night north of the town of Tamrivena. Well things did not go exactly according to plan. First off as we were passing around the end of the lake we saw the worn sign to Clover’s Crossing and decided to visit the hamlet. Sadly it seems to have been abandoned in the past few years. You might ask the sheriff and Father Grimburrow to send some people to check on the place and make sure it is safe before others might move into it. It looked like some of the graves might have been disturbed. After that we kept on the road but realized we were not going to be able to pass Tamrivena before nightfall. So instead of stopping at that grim place we decided to stop before, and while looking for a suitable place we came upon a caravan of most unusual people. Circus Freaks as it turned out.

These people were on their way to Lepidstadt for some trial and festival that was going on there. It appears some beast that has been terrorizing the place for years has finally been caught. In any case these folk were on there way to Lepidstadt and decided to camp where they were and while setting up camp one of their number wandered away into the marsh that was by the river there and the freaks could not find her. We pitched in to help but alas she was attacked by some beast and died before we could save her. We brought her body back to the camp and the poor souls were distraught, but grateful that we had at lest recovered the body. At that point we all decided to join groups and go on to Lepidstadt together.

The next two days were quite easy and we made it to Lepidstadt with no more troubles or delays. Good thing too because I would have hated to miss this trial and execution of the Beast of Lepidstadt. The whole town is packed to the rafters with people coming to see the event. We have not found lodging yet but we will look tomorrow as well as try and find this person. Montagnie Crowl, Professor of Antiquities at the University and successfully dispatch our duty to your late father.

So tell me how life in the village is going? Have you taken over the duties of the schoolmarm yet? I look forward to hearing about your day and the latest gossip. The trek in the marsh looking for the missing girl was quite stressful and I could use some simple diversion.

Respectfully yours,

Gregori Boshi

A nightmare

With a shout I awoke in my bed in the home of Kendra Lorimor. The sheets sticky and damp from my sweat even though the room itself waas quit cool. I reached over and grabed the mug of cold tea I had placed there in case I woke thirsty and drank it down and tried to get the stench of the nameless town out of my nose. Even though it was a dream the vileness of the place I could still smell.

What was the name of that place? Something Hill.I could not remember the name of it, nor did I recognize the Horror that we had been hunting through the twisted tunnels under the towns small,dense streets but it had felt so real. That smell!

That was not the only thing either. I had been an Inquisitor of the holy church of Pharasma. I could cast spells from her! It had felt so real. I could remember feeling her power coursing through my body as I unleashed her might upon the world. It is one thing to be a follower of the Lady of the Graves it is quit another to walk in the protection of her shadow. To be guided by her very Will.

Such a strange dream.

I wondered briefly if it could be some sort of sending or warning of things to come but shook my head as I set the now empty mug back down on the night stand as I prepared to go back to sleep. No we were leaving for Lepidstadt tomorrow and there was no town like that between here and there. It had all just been a nightmare, probably brought on by the stress that I had been under while here in Ravengro, or maybe worry about carrying those tomes back to the library in Lepidstadt.

I set my head back down on the pillow and closed my eyes but sleep was a long time coming. I kept smelling blood, offal and something else just at the edge of my senses and hearing the awful caw of crows as I walk those dark streets of that dread town.


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