Whispers of The Carrion Crown

Gregori and the bugs from the crypt

Gregori was looked shocked at the condition of his brother, Tyrod, as he came limping out of the graveyard.

“Gods what happened? Were you attacked in the crypt?” Gregori asked hurrying over to help Tyrod sit down before his brother could collapse. Gregori could see several punctures in his brother’s clothes with a bit of blood seeping out, and upon closer inspection the wounds looked red and puffy around the edges.

Olivia stepped forward and carefully examined the wounds and after a few moments pronounced it was poison. A poison that effected Tyrod’s motor functions. It did not seem to be permanent but he would have trouble doing any fine motor skills for a week or so.

Tyrod gave his usual cheeky smirk and told us about his escape from five large bugs that had surprised him while he was in the crypt, but that he had also found the cachet of supplies that had been mentioned In Lorimor’s journal. Even though he was badly wounded he was all for going back to recover them. So were the rest of us. It might be dangerous but we were going to need those supplies.

Gods his brother almost died right there. Never again would Gregori sit back and let Tyrod go into some unknown hole in the ground without himself being close by. They may have their issues but Tyrod was Gregori’s brother and he would hate to lose him.

Going back through the break In the wall of the church graveyard the four of them made their way as quietly as possible back to the crypt that Tyrod had gone into, and while Tyrod kept watch Brennig, Delilah, and Gregori crept inside keeping a sharp look out for the bugs that they knew were some place inside.

It was very dark as only a crypt on a near moonless night can be, and spooky. The air was cold and still and smelled of leaf rot and moldy stone. Lighting a torch and closing the door Gregori stayed back as Delilah and Brennig moved forward to carefully examine the area.

The dust on the floor had been recently churned up from Tyrod’s previous visit but there was not a sound other than the party’s own movements and breathing. As Brennig and Delilah moved past some pale stone statuary of a weeping woman, Brennig suddenly stopped and turned to face the wall beside the small statue and pointed out a small cleft in the stone somewhat hidden by the angle of the statue. As we listened we could hear a faint slithering in the dark hole.

Delilah checked the area around her statue and Gregori moved forward to support Brennig. Brennig hefted his huge ax and waited to see if the creatures would come out. Delilah did not see any opening around her statue and stated moving down the steps into the main crypt over toward the coffin.

Out of the crack in the wall popped out the head of a grotesque creature. Hugh mandibles arced out from its head and its large compound eyes gleamed in the groups torch held in Gregori’s hand. Before the monstrosity could do more than stick its head out, Brennig slashed down with his ax and with a wet thunk split the creatures head open. Its companions came boiling out of the hole and attacked Brennig with a singleness of purpose. Their segmented bodies twisting and writhing, as they reached with their black, dripping, mandibles.

Gregori reached out with his mace and struck one of the creatures a wound and Delilah looked on with a worried frown upon her lips as she looked for an opening with her crossbow. Brennig slashed again with his ax, his eyes open very wide and gleamed manically, spittle started forming on his lips. His ax just missed one of the hideous beasts and took out a chunk of masonry. Then he growled in pain as one of the beast struck with its mandibles digging deeply into his leg.

Gregori struck one of the creatures, crushing its body with his mace and Brennig whipped his ax around so hard it cleaved one of the creatures in half and sent it body parts arcing halfway across the room. Spaying blood and ichor on the walls and everyone around. The last creature struggled to crawl out of the hole and missed with its attack, it seemed confused with all the noise and lights, and Brennig chopped into it ending its existence.

The stench was sickening and a slow clacking sound could be heard from the creatures as they quivered in death. The party wasted no time getting to the coffin and throwing off the lid. Inside gleamed a wide assortment of useful items that they would need if the journal was to be believed.


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