Whispers of The Carrion Crown

Recap of December 10, 2016

We began the game by rolling initiative. The things went first. I got off Bless to help the group. We moved in to attack it but it went to the ceiling but in doing so it took multiple attacks of opportunity. While I did manage to hit it with a crit we had a devil of a time bringing it down. Not only did it have damage reduction 5 it was damage reduction Magic. We are 3rd level, where would we get a magic weapon. It is true that I have magic weapon, but I had used it as a healing spell from the last battle. Then there was the fumbles!
I had never seen that many fumbles in one night of play.

Gabe’s character went in to do a massive hit to this think and …………fumbled. This allowed the creature to get off color spray. This stunned, blinded and knocked Joe prone and out of the fight for 7 rounds! This similarly happened to Gabe’s character. This left the non melee players trying to attack this thing. Russ threw us a bone and had the sheriff help us and a 1st level cleric to help. Believe it or not the Sheriff did the most damage to it, but the cleric did nada. He was just an extra target to the thing.

With Gabe being immobilized the thing moved down next to him to eat his brain. However the thing had to move, and the process to eat someone’s brain is a full round action. It was his saving grace. The stupid thing’s bite was poisoned and it did strength damage each round until 2 saves in sequence. This caused Joe, Gabe, and myself taking several points of damage.
The stupid cleric opened the door and let the thing out into the town. Sadly we tried to catch him, but no such luck.

Because we saved the town from the creature Father Grimbrow used his own magic to heal our groups wounds. Going forward they will heal our strength damage at no charge. This included getting Randy back to full at no charge. We spent the night at the church and it was uneventful.

We decide to head out to prison. Chris had a readied action that should a haunt go off, I will use the siphon.

We start at the front door and chose not to explore the exterior of the prison. Brineg smashed the front door open. There was a Shaming Portal Haunt in the front entry way. It would take holy water being poured on the doors. The haunt resets after each minute. It is considered a very weak haunt. We tried 1 bottle of holy water and waited a minuted. The haunt was defeated.

We headed into S3. We found papers but it would take 2 D4 hours to review. We gathered them to and will look at her. S4 was the warden’s office. Randy does not have a high enough skill to open the vault.
S5 – no traps and we found the warden’s washroom.
We start to go into S15…. and we end for the night.


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