Whispers of The Carrion Crown

Recap of November 12, 2016

We picked up right after the fire. Given the direction from the town to fix what is wrong from at Harrowstone, we tried to get any gear we thought we might need. However all the shops were closed due to the time of night and the recent meeting. We returned to Kendra’s house and split up the ‘loot’ from the crypt to allow for us to kitted out for a trip to harrowstone.

We took Deliah’s carriage to the outskirts of Harrowstone due to the snowstorm going on. We hired a driver bvy the name of Brishen Vanderhorn. We left our letters of intent with Kendra incase we don’t come back in 4 days. Along the way we think we see the wide eye guy hiding in the forest. We choose not to go chasing off after him in the dark, frozen woods. It took 2 hours to get to Harrowstone.

When Randy opened the broken gate to Harrowstone randy failed and was shaken for 7 minutes. The whole place is considered “sppoky”. We first approached to Warden’s house. Of everything there it is the only thing not destroyed/ damaged by the fire, that is not to say it wasn’t unstable. Randy poked around the place for 9 minutes finding nothing of interest other than a 5 gp coral comb wedged behind a dresser that no one ever found. As Randy was leaving it collapsed upon it’s self. He took damage due to some things collapsing on him.

We take stairs up to the first floor balcony. There was a large headsman’s block. By the door were two animated headsman’s sythes. We manage to defeat them, and we get the master work systhes as loot, however we found out later they can not leave the harrowstone property as their nice master works selves, they will age if they leave.

We headed for the door on the balcony. This is the door the DM’s guide said there was no way we could enter. A couple solid hits from Gabe’s character’s ax and it was destroyed. We went in the prison. As Randy moved out into the hallway the haunt began. It was that of an eerie piper. At the same time, 4 sturges attacked Randy and Gabe’s character. We managed to do enough positive energy damage to haunt to make it go away. The real damage was from the stirges. They lowered Randy’s con sore to 10. All damage had been healed but my cleric does not yet have the spells to heal that easily. We gave Gabe’s character and Randy our two lesser restoration potions. It got the the barbarian backup, but Randy on 1 point. We then went on to a set of doors across the hallway. When it was opened Randy was sat upon by 3 halfling size Stuges. They were killed but not before Randy was down to 2 points of CON. We found a ladder inside the room that lead to the 3rd floor balcony. There was nothing else up there but where the sturges nested. With Randy near death and no way to help him, we slowly trudged back to town through the snow. It will take two to three days to get him back to full health with out magic spells if the cleric treats him with the heal skill.


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