Whispers of The Carrion Crown

Session 2- Recap

While the main group was at the graveyard, there was a knock at the door to the Manor. As it was midnight, I answered it with weapon drawn. Outside the door was a Skeleton. I closed the door to allow Kendra to get away. I then opened the door, channeled energy , destroying it. Meanwhile, the rest of the group just got out the crypt, and as they were assessing themselves 3 more skeletons attacked. Delilah was able to use her disrupt undead spell, and Brennig opened a can on the skeletons killing them. The group then headed back to the manor. The spell casters tried to get some sleep but were awoken by the Sheriff coming to ask why we were at the graveyard. As our spell casters were needing sleep, we sent Brennig. This was a bad idea. The sheriff saw through the bluff and proceeded to ‘encourage’ us to go meet with the Father. Gregori repeated our story, and after the Good father seriously failed his sense motive check, the father believed our story. However, we have lost trust in the town.

From there the group proceeded to spread out to take care of various things. Tyrod and Gregori went to the church to get healing for Tyrod’s ability damage. Thankfully we had the coin to get him healed. The church offered to give Tyrod a 50% discount if he served on the Nightwatch. When the sheriff heard about it he was not pleased, to say the least. The rest of us went to the tavern to gather information. We came up with a few rumors and the name of the other person who was attacked the previous night (19th). Given the information we found, I went off to see if I could get information from the town hall, it was locked up but I would need to talk to one of the Councilmen to get access. I traveled to his home and was able to speak with him. He was inclined to help, but I rolled terribly on my diplomacy roll, and he couldn’t help us right now. So far we have tried to get information from the church and was shot down. We tried town hall and were shot down. Both of those were due to low trust score and bad diplomacy rolls. The last option we have is to get our information from the mages school in town. It was suggested that those of us who would be willing, become teachers at the school. That would give us free access to the library, and gain us some trust with the town [This never happened].

Also, we started working with the Sanity checks this week. We found Tyrod had a sanity threshold of 1. Because of that, he developed a psychosis [ madness]. He now has night terrors. Thankfully one of my powers allows me to remove fatigue 6 times a day. If he wants to get rid of it one of the party members must counsel him for a week. (If I remember correctly, but it is in the wiki).

Let me know if I missed anything. This is from memory, not notes.


I made some minor changes and corrections. I also replaced player names with character names and added links to character pages and wiki pages.

Session 2- Recap
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