Metalsmith (LN middle-aged female dwarf fighter 2/expert 3)


One of Ravengro’s most jealously guarded assets, for her skill at the forge is out of keeping with what one would expect to find in such a small town. Jorfa never speaks to her neighbors about her past—she’s lived in Ravengro for so long that locals see her as more of an institution than a neighbor. In truth, Jorfa had a promising career in the Five Kings Mountains as a soldier, but on one patrol she panicked and abandoned her platoon during an attack on an enclave of duergars. She didn’t stop running until she reached western Ustalav, where she heard a call for skilled crafters to aid in the foundation of a new town—Ravengro. Jorfa arrived only a month after Harrowstone was finished, and has lived in Ravengro ever since. Now approaching old age, she’s taken on a few promising apprentices but remains tight-lipped about her life before she f led her kin—she still worries that she’s being hunted for deserting her platoon.

Jorfa isn’t the oldest person in town, but she’s certainly lived in Ravengro longer than anyone else. She’s kept to herself for the past century or so, though, and despite her long life has relatively little insight into the inner workings of Harrowstone. While the majority of her work for Ravengro consists of tools for farmers and fisherfolk, she often forges weapons and armor as well. Most of these works she sells to visiting collectors, but she keeps a good selection of weapons and armor on hand (including several masterwork weapons and suits of armor).


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