Character Creation

Character Creation

While the Carrion Crown Adventure Path takes place exclusively in the haunted nation of Ustalav, the campaign does not require (or even assume) that the PCs be natives of that land. Each PC is summoned at the start of the adventure to the town of Ravengro in the rural county of Canterwall from elsewhere in Ustalav or the Inner Sea region. Thus, PCs of any nationality or concept can work within the constraints of the Adventure Path. No matter what your PC’s background is, adventure and intrigue await when you arrive in Ravengro for the funeral of the recently deceased Professor Petros Lorrimor, famed scholar, explorer, and teacher.

As always, evil alignments will not be permitted for player characters. However, there will be more elbow room as somethings that are considered evil in other parts of the world might be only “frowned upon” in Ustalav. For example, poison is not necessarily evil.

To make it easier for your characters to merge into a functioning adventuring party, it will be easier if some of you already know each other. Perhaps some of you are friends from the same city or village, you could be family, or you could work together. Perhaps you met 1 or 2 of the other characters on a previous adventure with Professor Lorrimor. This is a suggestion and not required.

Before starting the adventure, we will have a Session Zero. At this time we will work together to create your characters and to flesh out their background. I know many of you have all sorts of ideas of what character you might want to play, but don’t make any big decisions yet.

As a general rule, I will allow almost any material from a Paizo published Pathfinder book as long as it is in the Pathfinder System Reference Document. The exceptions to this are firearms, and any modern technology. Sorry, no cybernetic gun-slinging time travelers in this campaign.

I know many of us are using Technology to maintain our character sheets. It is important that I have access to certain details of your characters so I ask that as you make changes to your character, please keep a copy of it stored in the shared folder linked here:

If you already have a account, then you should be able to upload files using their websites interface. If you don’t have an account, you can create a free account at

If you don’t have an account and don’t want to set one up, you can upload files to this folder by attaching the file to an email addressed to

When we make the characters we will want to make sure that the following rolls are covered:

Frontline damage dealer
Ranged damage dealer
Stealthy scout
Man of faith
Magical toolbox

Notice I did not list an specific classes. These rolls can be accomplished through a variety of classes. The man of faith doesn’t necessarily also have to be the healer. The Outdoorsman could also be the stealthy scout. I just want two things, for each roll to be covered and for each player to be happy with the character that they play.

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Character Creation

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