Character Death

Character Death (updated)

Without the possibility of death, there can be no fear or dramatic tension. Our previous Fate Point system was created so that players would be more invested in their characters. Unfortunately, this has caused characters to behave as though survival is a certainty.

As this is a Gothic Horror campaign, we need to restore the tension and fear so here are my revised Fate Point rules for the Carrion Crown Campaign.

The adventuring party will be issued one Fate Point at the start of each of the 6 adventures that comprise the Carrion Crown Adventure Path. If a character dies, all players present must agree whether to use the Fate Point to save the character’s life.

If spent, the character will be treated as dead and NPCs will assume that the Player Character is defeated until the current encounter is completed. Once completed the character will be at Zero Hit Points, and in a stabilized condition. In addition, there will be some in-character cost, determined by the Game Master at the time of the event.

If the Fate Point is not spent, it will not roll over to the next adventure. (amended)

If a character is killed and the players have no Fate Points then the character has died and can only be restored through traditional in-game methods.

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Character Death

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