Electronic Devices

Electronic Devices

Thanks to tools like Hero Lab and D20PFSRD.com, electronic devices have become a valued resource for tabletop gaming. However, they can also be a beguiling distraction.

For this campaign, electronic devices including laptops, tablets, and smartphones, are most certainly welcome. I just ask that you limit its use to game-related purposes. Sure, you are welcome to update your social network regarding the night’s activities, or even check updates every now and then, but please try to limit this. I find it personally offensive when I am GMing a game and a player is focusing more on Facebook than the story at hand.

If my game mastering skill is not sufficient to keep your attention, and I find a player constantly checking Facebook, Twitter, or Pharasma forbid, Google+, I will ask that player to take over as GM since I have failed them.

My recommendation is to actually close your laptop lid when you are not using your character sheet, looking up a rule, or performing some other game related task.
Also, if you are using an electronic character sheet, I ask that you also bring with you a printed copy in case of unexpected technical issues (Windows crashing, batteries dying, etc.)

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Electronic Devices

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