Whispers of The Carrion Crown

Recap of January 14th, 2017

I don’t have my note book but I thought I would put a small recap.
We picked after the fight with the manacles. We made our way to the laundry room where we were attacked by the animated “Jack”, a straight jacket. We managed to kill it, but we again ran into the situation where people are not informing the healers that we are injured. When someone has lost 75% of the health, it is my opinion that we need to get you back to at least half health before proceeding onward.
We then moved on room by room. We ultimately came to the sewing room(?) where we found the ghost of the warden’s wife. From what I remember, she told us that men in black robes came to the prison and but the runes on the walls. They were the ones that killed the professor and made it look like accident. They had also taken the ghost of the warden who had been keeping the other ghosts/ haunts in check. With him gone they have tried to break out but the wife’s ghost’s power of will was barely keeping them under control. She said she could hold them in check better if she had something of her husbands, which could be found on her husband’s body. That is another quest for us. Another thing she was able to tell us what that we might have more luck killing the haunts if we were to have something of theirs. There was a room which held the prisoners effects. We had searched it before with this new information we go back and try again. We found the items, however each item has a blessing and a curse. How bad those curses would be, we are not sure on all of them. We had cleared the floor. We felt we needed to head upstairs where we had dealt with the piper. See what else we can find there.


rchipman shanntarra

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