Whispers of The Carrion Crown

Recap of Nov. 19, 2016

The group returned to town it was 7 PM and we took Randy to the temple for healing. As we were helping the town general healing care would be of no charge but we were offered a 10% discount if we wanted spellcasting. It would take Randy 3 days to be completely healed. Sorry Rando! Leaving Randy there the rest of us headed to the Demon for dinner, by now it was 9 pm.

As we are heading back to Kendra’s place Delilah spotted a shambling man. Was it the old guy who we saw before or something else? Not wanting to take a chance we check it out. It was ZOMBIES! One of which was our professor friend. It was also at this time we discovered people had not informed the healer that they were down hit points. Gabe advised the group that going forward he would need to make saves vs spells when he is raging as he can’t tell friendly from foe. This includes healing spells.

We killed the zombies quickly, and disguised the professor’s body. Joe took the bodies to the temple where he was to spend the rest of the night since it was quite late.

We informed Kendra what happened. This didn’t help the fear she already had. Sleeping with a crossbow in hand, is not normal. We manage to almost get to sleep when bells start going off all over town. Joe ran from the church to our house, then we all go to the monument. There we find a watchman by the name of Seth had his throat slit ear to ear. This wasn’t the haunt, this was murder! Another letter is in blood on the monument. The letter “E”. Most of us surmised that maybe it was spelling VEngence, as we had already see the letter V and E. The haunt there wanted vengeance.

Out of the blue Gabe remembered a line from the poem, “Splatters spell her name…” That raised the question of whose name? To our knowledge we couldn’t remember someone with a name starting in “V-E”. Gabe thought it might be the prison warden’s wife, and found her name in the notes to be “VEsoriana”. As there was nothing more we could do we head back to the house to sleep.

Our goal for the next day was to track down Atrellis, the weird evil guy who we believe killed that little girl’s bird and caused the haunt.

The next day we go out near where we saw the movement on the way to the prison, leaving Randy at the temple to heal (Sorry Rando!) As we track what we saw we stumble across ectoplasm. Joe’s character thinks this might have been created by a special creature. We follow an odd crow to a shack on the edge of a ravine. As we approach it Joe and Gabe fall in a 20 ft. Pit. They take damage and are healed through a channel energy. As they are trying to climb up a rope giant centipedes come out of the wall and attack them. Attrellis was taking pot shots at us from across the ravine. Delilah and I climbed up onto the platform of the cabin, and find the door is not trapped. There is a shuttered window on the other side of the shack which Delilah opened and was hit by a bolt from Antrellis. We find a rope bridge across the ravine to a tree hut. It takes a DC 10 climb check to cross. We all manage to get a cross but Antrellis had climbed up to an escape route and was climbing down the tree. Gabe went BONZI! Off the side of the tree and landed on the guy, both took serious damage and were prone on the ground. I tried to follow them and fell nearly to my death. When I landed I channeled to heal all our companions but not Antrellis. I am beginning to get concerned that I am very low on healing spells and channels. Should something else pop up, as is our luck we could be screwed.

We found on Antrellis a “Guardian Moppet”. It is a spelled doll that are usually used by children. We take him back to the Church, and called the Sheriff. We handed the moppet over to the church for safe keeping. We manage to get out of him the following information.

• He had contact with Priests of the Yellow King
• His wife died in a ritual of theirs
• Antrellis’s mind failed
• His wife was a witch previously
• She had Elder Knowledge they wanted
• The spawn from the ritual went into his wife
• She was made a slave to them.
• The reason he didn’t’ like ravens was that he saw Yellow travelers with ravens. He killed the raven because he thought it was a familiar.

Soon as he finished his tale he began convulsing and bursting from his body was the spawn. It is a Nfel Gual- Aberration “Tiny” in size. They are known to attack and try to suck out brains. We paused for the night, and will roll initiative at the next session on December 10th.

We do San checks real quick. Gabe fails and takes a madness. Because this thing’s minimum damage was above his threshold, Randy takes another madness.

Going into effect in 1 days’ time Gabe will have a mania of Arachnids. Any time he comes within 30 feet of anything arachnid like, including spells, he must make a will save. It was noted that in 6 day’s time, ‘something will happen’.

End of the night. Remember to wear your brown pants for this fight.


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