Whispers of The Carrion Crown

Session 1-1 Recap

The session picked up immediately after we rested for the night after session #0. During the night Olivia noticed something of a ruckus outside; however did not deem it worth investigating. The next morning we discovered that someone had vandalized the monument just outside of town. We split the party in an attempt to cover more ground. The clerics went and visited the church of Pharasma in an attempt to gain access to the death records from Harrowstone. They were not able to convince Father Grimburrow of the parties legitimate need for the records. While they spoke with the church rest of the party visited the monument. There wasn’t much information to be had at the monument, save for the fact that the vandalism had been completed with a copious amount of blood. After we finished at the monument we approached the outer wall of Harrowstone prison. While there we found the location that we believed that Professor Lorimor was killed, as well as some strange arcane runes around the outskirts of the prison. We then returned to the town and supped at the Laughing Demon Inn. We gathered a few small pieces of information, but nothing seemingly vital to the mysteries that keep popping up such as the ghost raven, or the morbid children’s song. We then devised a plan to break into the crypt in the Restlands in order to get the equipment we needed to explore Harrowstone. Brennig, Delilah, and Gregori distracted the Graveyard keeper while Tyrod broke into the crypt; however Tyrod discovered that the crypt had already been broken into by an unknown third party. While in the crypt he discovered a cache of hidden items, but was attacked by several large centipedes and was grievously injured. He managed to escape and rendezvous with the party. We then returned to the crypt while hiding from the grave keeper, and slew the centipedes. In the cache we found multiples items that seemed to be intended for ghost fighting. We once again escaped from the Restlands and that is where the session let off



Excellent Recap. Thanks for taking the time.

Session 1-1 Recap
rchipman rchipman

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