Brennig Aarden

A Hulking 6'6" figure in full armor. Scruffy looking with a haunted look in his eyes.


Brennig is six and a half feet tall. Built more like a wall than a man especially with his suit of heavy armor. His hair and well kept beard are both black. Those who speak with him often find him at first to be charming and intelligent; however those that watch him fight claim that it is like watching an armored boar. He rushes into battle with little fear for his life attempting to strike down as many of his enemies that he can. After a battle he meticulously cleans himself of any blood that may remain. Those who have known Brennig for an extended period of time know that when enemies are near it is dangerous to be in front of his charge, and have seen the fearsome power of his rage.


Brennig began his life as a peaceful soul, he was a simple farmer who grew up in the Ustilavian town of Bladswell. The only notable event of his early years was his friendship and early marriage of his late wife, Henrietta. Unfortunately this time of peace in his life was doomed to a bloody end. Brennig’s farm was located about 3 miles outside of the center of town. He traveled to the town by himself one day leaving Henrietta and his infant daughter on the farm by themselves.; When he returned a few hours later with his haul from the market he found a horrific sight. His wife and child had been sacrificed to a witch’s ritual. The arcane symbols and ritual pieces that had been leftover from the event left little doubt. This event is what led to Brennig’s first interactions with Professor Lorimor. Professor Lorimor was drawn to Bladswell by the even with his companions Tyrod and Gregori. The companions assisted Brennig in tracking down the suspected witch and putting an end to her; however she may not have done the deed and only been a part of a larger coven. After the witch hunt Brennig traveled from caravan to caravan until he made his way to the city of Korvosa. While there he encountered a god that had never made it’s way to Ustalav. Ragathiel the Empyreal Lord of Vengeance was a god that upheld the divine right to vengeance. Brennig immediately joined the church with the intent of becoming a paladin of Ragathiel. He trained with the church for over two years showing prowess both in intellectual and physical combat; however upon the day of his first mission as he entered battle an unnatural rage consumed him and he was driven to near madness. He slaughtered the beasts with his bare hands and when the rage subsided all remained was a bloody mess and the horrified faces of his fellow trainees. He fled ashamed of his actions, but unable to escape the newly awakened rage within him. As he was fleeing Korvosa he encountered the mysterious Delilah and agreed to be her bodyguard as she traveled to Ustalav with business of her own. As they traveled they realized that they had both known professor Lorimor at separate times in their lives, and when they received news of his death they rushed to Ravengro to attend his funeral.

Brennig Aarden

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