Olivia Tudorescu

6ft. tall, 180 pounds, hair the color of the dawn, sea blue eyes.


6ft. tall, 180 pounds, hair the color of the dawn, sea blue eyes.

STR – 11 DEX – 9
CON – 14 INT – 13
WIS – 17 CHA – 15

Fort: + 4
Ref – 1
Will + 5

BAB: + 0

Domains: Sun with Daylight sub domain and Healing with subdomain Restoration

Selective Channeling, Extra Channeling


My life has been a series of ups and downs. My parents were good people. My father played the lute, and sang; while my mother told fortunes and danced while my father played. They did well form themselves. My parents had been married for five years and had not conceived a child. They sought help from an old Varisian blind oracle during the family/ clan’s many travels in the hopes of having a child. The old woman blessed my parents and said they would have a child of greatness, but they must know that what they wish for may not be what the gods have planned. By the time the family returned to Korvosa my mother was with child.

There was much rejoicing with in the family that a ‘special child’ would be born to my parents, and to the family. Many of the sage elders warned my parents that while I may be special, I may not be special in the way they envision. Their warnings went unheeded.

My birth was difficult for my mother, and she nearly died. There was much rejoicing when I was born, but within moments that joy turned to sorrow. I was born with hair the color of the reddish dawn. I was fair and had eyes of crystal blue. I was a beautiful child, but my legs were twisted, and my feet turned in. The daughter of a dancer would be a cripple.

With my birth many of family began to shun my parents. I was a disgrace to the family. This “special” child that had been heralded was nothing more than a burden. Many wanted to have me drown or cast off a cliff, but my parents refused. My father said, “The gods have blessed her. Who are we to doubt their judgement?”
My parents lost performing jobs because the wealthy did not want the sight of my ‘deformed’ form around them. The stress of caring for me cost my mother some of her beauty. We were outcasts from our own family. Our family patriarch ‘Uncle’ Dracu had planned to betroth me to the son of a rival troupe. In the hopes that it would help to alleviate the bad blood between our two families. My form only made matters worse. I was of no value to him now.

Growing up we barely had food on our table, or fire in our hearth. My kind, giving soul, and childish beauty allowed me to make a little money begging. As I was of no use doing manual labor, they put me with the elderly, and forced to do menial work for the family. No one paid attention to me, given that I was a cripple. They underestimated me. I knew I would never be a dancer, but what I loved was the stories and books that people would lend me, and when my father had the time he would teach me how to play the mandolin. By the time I was nine I was beginning to show a talent in the business dealing of the family. I was good at scribing and listening to those around me.

My parents were asked to perform as part of the Sunwrought Festival. I was seated to the side watching, and begging for alms. As I watched the crowd I saw someone that I felt compelled to follow. She was an older women whose long dark hair had gone grey. In her hair she wore a golden sunburst crown, and a gown of scarlet red. Despite the pain I knew I would face, I gathered myself and on my crutches hurried to follow her. The whole time calling out to “Ginny, please don’t leave me behind. You promised you wouldn’t. Please, Ginny! Don’t go where I cannot follow!”

She finally stopped outside the temple, and I was able to catch up to her. My hands and feet bloody for my effort to catch her. Just as I was about to take hold of her gown hem a gauntleted hand backhanded me into the temple wall.

A large man stood over me ready to strike again. He called me a filthy beggar, and other vile things. I continued to plead for Ginny’s help through the bloodied nose, and split lip. His hand was quickly coming to strike my face again and most likely kill me when I cried out, “Virgina Tucca you let them hang me to save them! You promised wouldn’t let me die in vain.” I covered my face with my right hand, and heard a gasp.
I waited for the blow to land, but it never did. I opened my eyes to see the woman kneeling before me. She smiled and wiped the blood off my face. Soon as I looked into her eyes I passed out. She ordered the large man to bring me into the temple. When I awoke I should have been terrified, but somehow I knew if I was with this “Ginny” I would be safe. They had placed me on a soft bed. It may have been straw but it was better than I had slept on before. Sending the large man away, ‘Ginny’ began to talk to me. For the longest time we talked, and as we did she cast spells on me, but I was not afraid. She wanted to know about my birthmark on my hand, and about my legs. I gladly shared my history with her because she was an old friend. It must have been past dusk when my parents appeared at the door.

They were very glad to see me. They apologized to Ginny for my behavior, and were very cross with me for the mess I had made. As they were scolding me Ginny stopped them. She sat on the bed next to me and gave me a hug. Ginny told them the story of her friend Gail who had sacrificed herself ten years prior in order to save the lives of 50 women and children. She had been hung from a tree. The wicked men who did it laughed and brutally bashed her lower body with stones, and clubs trying to have power over her even in death. After nine days, they allowed a cleric of pharasma to give her a proper burial. As the cleric prepared her for internment he stated that her soul was not done. Phrasma may call her back to finish what she started. At the time Ginny was too deep into her grief that she did not understand the priest’s words. Ginny had completed her studies to be a cleric of Sarenrae, and had adventured to help others but she always wished she could have helped her friend.

It was Ginny’s belief that I was the reincarnation of her friend Gail. That Sarenrae had blessed me with the birthmark to make sure that I would be marked as one of her special ones. My mother lost it and screamed that it couldn’t possibly be true. I got up out of the bed and ran to her. My mother hugged me and cried as I stood there and repeated, “They always told you I was special.”

It took a while for my parents to realize what had really happened. I had ran. Not crawl, not limp with crutches, I RAN to them. My legs were straight and strong. I would never be a tight rope walker, but I could run and walk just fine. My parents and I were allowed to stay the night, and at dawn we would be free to go. What I didn’t know, was that as I slept that night my parents and Ginny talked. Ginny could tell that my family was not well off, and my condition must have made things worse for them. She would be willing to train me, and take over my care, if my parents would let her. It would be a tough decision for my parents. The one thing that Ginny stressed my parents was that sacrifices were rewarded. She gave my parents a week to let her know, and sent us on our way the next morning.

Returning to the family clan was a great occasion. People couldn’t believe the miracle that I was walking, and was healed. My parents did not tell any one of my supposed reincarnation. That week was wonderful for me. I finally got to do the things the other children did. My long years of forced inactivity had left me weak and clumsy but I managed. I was still called a freak by many in the clan, but others herald me as a miracle child as had been foretold. My parents spent the week with the family elders. Uncle Dracu wanted to leverage the church and Ginny to pay for me. I was now an asset to be used by the family. For so many years I was worthless to them, and now they wanted to use me. My parents were not going to let that happen. Before a fight could breakout, one of the elders offered a compromise. Our clan were merchants, and performers. Would the cleric be willing to travel with the clan on the next trading tour? I would still be able to be an asset to the clan and still get my training from the church. The cleric would be another sword, and her abilities would be helpful to the clan as a whole. The family’s terms were sent via messenger to Cleric Turc at the temple of Sarenrae. The messenger returned with an agreement, but will one amendment. While I may travel with the family after my training was complete, my loyalty would be to the church, not the family. My life is to the service of Sarenrae, not my family clan. Uncle Dracu laughed at the amendment, but signed the agreement with my parents. I was sad that I would be leaving my parents, but I knew I was going to do well. I would still see them. They would be wintering in Korvosa while I started my preliminary training, and in the spring Ginny and I would travel with the family caravan. The night before I left my parents shared their grief, for I heard it through the walls of the wagon as I slept. At dawn I awoke to find a dove sitting on my parent’s window sill of their wagon. I smiled. Ginny had promised they would be blessed for their sacrifice, and they were. My perfectly healthy, beautiful baby sister was born the next summer.

As Gunny and I traveled with the family caravan I began to learn about my faith and how to be a member of my clan. To help my legs get stronger I was put into the dancing lessons with the younger children, but all I did was make a fool of myself. I came to enjoy playing my mandolin to relax. And to the surprise of the clan, soon as they let me out in public, so to speak, I began to shine. My playing was actually quite good. Ginny supported my playing because it seemed to calm those around me. There was no magic involved but it helped distract patients while Ginny would tend to their needs.

As time passed Ginny stepped further and further away from the things I did. I went on short trips without her until one year I went on the yearly caravan without her. Her age and years of adventuring were catching up with her. She chose to permanently retire to the temple in Korvosa. When the caravan was in town, I would see her but I was generally on my own. I got to see my sister grow up into a fine young girl. She took after my mother in her skill for dancing and charming clients. Over time people began to forget that my loyalty was to my faith, not to the family. They only saw a healer, who would entertain the business guests with her music on her mandolin.

(Additional information forthcoming)

Olivia Tudorescu

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